Tom Lee-Gough


Here is a list of my current personal projects.

Hermes Accounting
A nearly double entry accounting system.

Trip planning mobile webapp.

Companies House companion, using Companies House API.

Simple double entry accounting system.
  • Server-side: Flask
  • CSS: spectre.css
  • Database: Mariadb

Vehicle manager, using DVLA vehicle search API.
  • Server-side: Flask
  • CSS: spectre.css
  • Database: Mongodb

Sage Reader
Simple webapp to read Sage50 transaction data.
  • Server-side: Flask
  • CSS: Bootstrap
  • Database: sqlite
Professional website and blog.
  • Server-side: Pelican
  • CSS: Custom, hand coded
  • Hosting: Github / Netlify

Print Manager
Web app for recording end of shift data for the print room at Henderson Design Group.
  • Server-side: Flask
  • CSS: Spectre.css
  • Database: Mariadb